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Read about which providers supply what when it comes to 24 meg broadband. Unleash the power of 24 meg broadband from just £14, with a free wireless modem from be (bethere.co.uk):

Staggeringly fast broadband from Be gives you up to 24 meg download speeds, broadband high upload speed 24/7 member support and a free high-specification wireless modem – all from an unbelievable £14 a month.

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Who Supplies 24 Meg Broadband?

Broadband high speed internet: The Holy Grail of broad band: download speeds of up to 24 meg. Use 24-meg-broadband.com as your resource to keeping track of who offers what when it comes to high speed broadband. 'Be' - the local loop unbundling (LLU) broadband ISP - is one of the 24 meg broadband suppliers offering unlimited internet access speeds of up to 24 megs for £24 a month, bethere as they are also known are also offering the 24 meg broadband as a lesser limited use package of £14 per month known as be lite.

24 meg broadband demo:24 meg broadband demo.

The 24 meg broadband service was first launched in parts of London where the LLU operator had first installed its kit in BT exchanges. The service is now available accross many parts of the UK, visit the website to see if your exchange is now eneabled.

When Be first trialled the service in 2005 it gave reports that its first user has experienced an average speed of 18.5 meg.

In a press statement Be boss Dana Pressman declared that the service was "simply better value than any other broadband service from any other provider".

Be costs from £14 p/m for the lite package to £24 a month unlimited. Learn more about prices and regional availability on Be's web site BeThere.co.uk.

Bethere: Suppliers of 24 Meg Broadband

Unleash the power of 24 meg broad band from just £14 and only £24 for unlimited, with a free wireless modem. Staggeringly fast broadband from BeThere gives you up to 24 meg download speeds, 24/7 member support and a free high-specification wireless modem – all from an unbelievable £14 a month; bethere.co.uk


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24 Meg Broadband is here, learn more at bethere...

bethere.co.uk 24 Meg Broadband

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Now sweeping the UK: Laptop Mobile Broadband internet:

Laptop mobile broadband connections on the move. Vodafone, 3 and T Mobile laptop broadband.
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Be's 24 meg download speeds are presently the fastest in the UK and almost triple the speed of it's nearest competitors.

This has been achieved by using ADSL2+ technology that doubles the download bandwidth together with what is known as LLU (Local Loop Unbundling), Be’s service represents a serious leading role in the UK broadband market. Be has been deploying its own network in the UK utilising the Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) EU directive. This allows independent operators to lease and access incumbent’s (British Telecom in the case of the UK market) last mile access infrastructure.

Boris Ivanovic the co-founder of Be has once before broken the broadband speed record. In April 2001, he purchased Sweden’s fledging ISP Bostream and launched 26 meg broadband – growing its customer base dramatically from 2,000 to 100,000, and from a $1m to $55m revenue, in just three years. These kind of results don't happen without a great product behind them. BeThere.co.uk...

"The deregulation of the UK broadband market makes this a very exciting time for the UK and Be is here to make the most of it, offering customers the full capability of ADSL2+ from launch," said Boris. "There is no reason to drag out the increase in speed and launch in steps of 1 meg or 2 meg when the capability is there to offer the maximum speeds available – which is what Be is all about."

Be is the first operator in the UK to use Alcatel’s latest generation DSLAM (the Alcatel 7302 Intelligent Services Access Manager), as well as aggregation and routing equipment which will give Be the ability to offer the latest products and services that will change the face of broadband in the UK.

Be 24 meg broadband providers has the benefit of building a completely new network based on the latest technologies, allowing it to provide a higher quality product than anyone else in the UK. The company is able to deliver its dramatic speed increase at a remarkably low cost due to Ethernet backhauling and aggregation. It is also able to provide a better service than most, through the use of a highly customisable network infrastructure.

"Alcatel's innovation in research and development and our work with the standardization bodies gives Be bethere broadband 24 meg access to the most powerful broadband technology," said Michel Rahier, in charge of Alcatel’s fixed communications activities. "Be has a very exciting proposition for the UK market and has promising plans for their evolution towards a user-centric triple play service offering." BeThere.co.uk...

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24 Meg Broadband Details

  • Staggeringly fast download speeds, up to 24 megs
  • Record-breaking upload speeds, up to 1.3 megs
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free wireless modem (worth £116)
  • 24/7 support hotlines
  • No annual contracts
  • All for just £24 per month

Learn more on the bethere.co.uk website.


24 meg broadband is available now in many areas and is expected to be available in most areas very shortly. You can check availability for your area on the bethere.co.uk website.

Be Box Modem

  • ADSL 2+ enabled
  • 4 port 10/100 megs Ethernet switch (1 port reserved for future use)
  • 54 megs 802.11 b/g wireless interface
  • 2 voice over broadband ports (future use)
  • 1 analog back-up (future use)
  • OS Independent (Ethernet)

Learn more on the bethere.co.uk website.

Requirements for 24 Meg Broadband from bethere (be)

  • A rampant thirst for speed
  • BT phone line
  • A device capable of communicating via TCP/IP (like a Windows PC, Mac, Xbox with Live...)
  • An Ethernet port for a wire connection to the Be Box
  • A 802.11b or 802.11g compatible network adapter for wireless connection to the Be Box
  • Windows 98SE / Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Learn more on the bethere.co.uk website.

Compare Broadband Suppliers

We have listed the top 8 broadband internet deals and providers below. You may also wish to use a more detailed service on this site:

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Compare broadband speeds and suppliers below.

Bethere 24 Meg Broadband: Unleash the power of 24 meg broadband from just £14, with a free wireless modem. Staggeringly fast broadband from BeThere gives you up to 24 meg download speeds, 24/7 member support and a free high-specification wireless modem – all from an unbelievable £14 a month. More..

Speed up to 24 meg.

BT 24 meg Broadband n/a: BT Total Broadband is the new name of one of the most comprehensive broadband packages yet seen in the UK. Powered by ultra-fast download speeds of up to 8Mb, BT customers now get more for their money through free internet voice calls, free video calls, and a suite of security software – all brought together through the revolutionary BT Home Hub. More..

Speed up to 8 meg.

AOL 24 meg Broadband n/a: No more messy cables, use your laptop anywhere around the home. Connect multiple PCs with home networking1 support. One FREE month when you order online. Unlimited time online, unlimited downloads. Download speeds from 2 to 8Mbps depending on where you live and technical factors such as the quality of your telephone line. Inclusive Safety and Security Centre with anti-virus scanning on emails, spam filters, spyware protection, Parental Controls and McAfee® Personal Firewall™ Plus. Online support at no extra cost. More..

Speed up to 8 meg.

Orange 24 meg Broadband n/a: 8 Meg is Orange’s fastest speed. How fast you can go depends where you live. Join Orange Broadband Plus or Broadband Max and get the fastest speed available now, plus a free upgrade if they can provide quicker speeds to your area. The number of areas that can get 8 Meg is growing. Now most of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol can get it. Most of the country will get it by the end of 2006. More..

Speed up to 8 meg.

Telewest 24 meg Broadband n/a: Ultra fast up to 10Mb speed. Upload at 384 kbps. No usage limit unlike some competitors - which means no running out of downloads for photos or software. Award winning service. Includes PC internet security - PCguard°. Always on connection which frees up your phone line. Download nearly 180 x faster than dial up. Free access to blueyonder newsgroups. Get a 5 min mp3 track for your mp3 player in 3.7 seconds. Load a 96k web page in 0.1 secs. More...

Speed up to 10 meg.

Tiscali 24 meg Broadband n/a: Downloadable up to 8Mbps. Unlimited monthly usage. FREE modem and connection. FREE email anti-spam and anti-virus. 24/7 dedicated customer support. Keeps your phone line free. Always-on connection. Easy to install. Tiscali MAX Unlimited allows customers to receive the highest possible rate that your line can reliably support up to 8Mb. Speed is subject to various factors including local availability, distance from exchange, quality of the line and line test. If your line won't support up to 8Mb, we'll offer you the best speed available on your line. More..

Speed up to 8 meg.

Pipex 24 meg Broadband n/a: Speed Up to: 8Mb. Free Usage Allowance: Unlimited. Free Webspace: 250MB. Broadband is fast - up to 8Mb - so you can view web pages, send e-mails and download information in a flash. With Pipex Voice and Broadband, you're getting your services from a company you can trust. We invest in creating the highest standards of customer support - did you know, as a Pipex home user, you're supported by the same people as work with our business customers? And that all our call centres are in the UK? More..

Speed up to 8 meg.

NTL 24 meg Broadband n/a: A super-fast complete service for Internet experts. Download music track in less than 4 seconds. No BT line required. Unlimited downloads - surf as much as you want. Get FREE premium music, games & kids content included - worth over £30 a month! Free security - ntl Broadband customers are amongst the best protected surfers in the UK. We provide comprehensive email and PC protection from viruses and spam. ntl Netguard gives you the equivalent of £40 worth of PC security that is easy to use and is fully supported More..

Speed up to 10 meg.

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